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Kids Sledding in Snow

What We Do

We address the very real issue of family homelessness in Monroe County and we believe that no child should go without a home.  Yet, 1.2% of all K-12 grade students experience homelessness in our county. 

We acknowledge this problem cost-effectively by utilizing existing community resources. We deliver innovative housing solutions for families including prevention, shelter, and stabilization programs. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao


We prevent families from becoming homeless by using trauma informed case management that includes landlord mediation, housing support, and community support.

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We use diversion to keep families out of shelter when needed by creatively using the strength of each individual family. 

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Our shelter program is designed to keep families together who are experiencing homelessness. We partner with host congregations in our community who donate their space for a week at a time, up to four times a week, to be used as a safe overnight shelter. Volunteers from the host congregation provide our families with meals, help with transportation, and the safety of an overnight stay.

Happy Children

Day Center

We provide a welcoming environment for families to stay during the day while they are in our shelter program. Our center includes a living room and kitchen area, laundry services, TV, computer, internet, and toys and books for children. This also gives families a mailing address to assist in housing. 

Family Celebrating New Year


We provide ongoing case management support to help families remain stable in their homes through life coaching, budgeting, and tenancy education.


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Continued stabalization

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