Charity Cars

100% of vehicle rehab donations go to

Family Promise of Monroe County

Transportation is one of the key factors in homelessness. Over the years, Family Promise National has seen thousands of vehicles donated to Family Promise Affiliates that have made housing possible for families. 

Most of these come from dedicated volunteers. But hundreds of vehicles have come from our partners Recycled Rides and Charity Cars. 

Unlike commercial car donation programs, these partners provide high-quality, working vehicles to families at no cost. Charity Cars is expanding its programs so that it will now give 100% of the profit of donated cars that cannot be rehabbed to Affiliates. This means Affiliates can get both usable vehicles and dollars through car donations—with 100% of any proceeds going to the Affiliate. 

Once a donation is made, Family Promise of Monroe County will receive an email with a copy of the donor’s vehicle donation form. 100% of the net proceeds received by Charity Cars from the sale of vehicles donated will go directly to Family Promise of Monroe County!

Changing Tyres

A reliable vehicle can kickstart a homeless family's journey to sustainable independence!