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Night Without A Bed 2022

Participate in this social media challenge to raise awareness about family homelessness.


Step 1: Click the link:

Step 2: Click “Get Started” to draft your fundraiser

Step 3: Fill in all the information. See Step 4 for optional information to copy and paste.

Step 4: Copy and paste the below text (option 1 or 2), or write your own personalized message to your friends and family about your fundraiser.

Option 1: “I am participating in Night Without A Bed in which I'll be sleeping in my car overnight to raise awareness for those facing homelessness and to raise funds for Family Promise of Monroe County, WI. This organization is directly helping the families in my county to get off the streets, out of their friend's/family's houses, or temporary and expensive locations. We help them to reach a point of being self-sufficient while providing for emergency needs (food, shelter, hospitality) through that transition. This will be a very cold event since I will be sleeping in my car overnight like many people experiencing homelessness this winter. I have an overall goal of reaching $500 but along the way there are multiple tiers to "earn" rewards to help make my homelessness experience a little warmer. You see, I'll be starting with normal clothes, (pants, shirt, socks, shoes, etc.). "Earning" any warmer clothes/gear/stuff, is entirely in your hands. I like to think that I'm tough but I'm guessing a night "sleeping" in my car without even a coat would quickly change that opinion. So, please consider supporting Family Promise, (while also keeping me from freezing). Thank you! These are the benchmarks I hope you will help me reach. (Eg. If I reach $500 in donations, I get EVERYTHING on the list! Please help me to reach that goal!)

· $25: 5 Minutes of the car turned on.

· $50: Hat

· $75: Hot Drink

· $100: Gloves

· $125: 5 Minutes of the car turned on.

· $150: Hoodie

· $175: Hand Warmers

· $200: Sheet

· $225: 5 Minutes of the car turned on.

· $250: Coat

· $275: Pillow

· $300: Light Blanket

· $325: 5 Minutes of the car turned on.

· $350: Breakfast (Donut & Hot Drink)

· $375: Bibs

· $400: Warm Supper

· $425: 5 Minutes of the car turned on.

· $450: Heavy Blanket

· $475: Windshield Insulation (Reflectix)

· $500: Sleeping Bag

*Any donations over $500 will go to help my friends, who are joining me, stay warm during their Night Without A Bed!”

Option 2: Will you join me in helping kids facing homelessness?

In America, 7 kids become homeless each minute. That’s more than 11,000 kids per day and 4.2 million kids each year.

I am spending the night without a bed to raise awareness and funds to support Family Promise of Monroe County, WI #NightWithoutABed

Family Promise of Monroe County, WI provides a holistic, community-based approach to help families experiencing homelessness achieve stability. Family Promise not only provides shelter, food, and transportation - they also provide stabilization services for when families have secured housing to ensure they remain independent. Family Promise provides trauma-informed case management, financial education, life skill development, employment assistance, community advocacy, housing search help, and so much more.

Step 5: Double check to make sure your final screen is ready to be posted (check that the formatting is correct from the copy and paste) and click Create!

Step 6: Click “Get Started”

Step 7: Invite your friends to donate

Step 8: Share fundraiser on your FB Timeline

Step 9: Make the first donation to your fundraiser

This is the homepage of your fundraiser where you can invite friends to donate, thank those who have donated and share updates!

Thank you for raising critical funding for Family Promise of Monroe County, WI on Facebook! It's the easiest way to share what you care about and get your friends and involved!

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