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A Very Merry Christmas

Thanks to the community of volunteers with Family Promise, a mother’s unbending will to provide for her children, and maybe a little help from Santa, we officially welcome Rachel and her children into their new home just in time for Christmas!

"It's a great program! It was a different experience for the kids and myself. We really appreciate the love and help you guys gave us. We are forever grateful for that help. Everyone at all the churches was so wonderful and sweet. I believe if it wasn't for y'all giving us a place to lay our heads at night with food and a way to bath...I don't know what I would've done. But I do know I probably would still be trying to find some where to live for me and my children to stay. Will I recommend this program to anyone? Yes. I would in a heart beat!" - Rachel, FPMonroeCounty Graduate ⭐️

Rachel and her four older children came to Family Promise in September. They spent 83 days in our shelter program before finally finding a home. The family is caring, respectful, and hard working. With perseverance and the resources at hand Rachel found success before Christmas! Rachel signed her lease on December 14th and moved in almost immediately, even with a prevailing snow storm on quick approach. Rachel shared with us that her children hoped for a home before Thanksgiving. When that didn’t happen, even through the disappointment, they held their faith that it could come to be before Christmas. We are so happy this wonderful family gets to celebrate Christmas in their own home!

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