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A Home for the Holidays!

We are excited to rejoice that Frank, Eloisa and Francella have moved into their new home!

Frank, Eloisa and Francella came to our country from Nicaragua this summer '22.

They had nothing when they arrived, including family or friends to help them start their new life.Over the summer, with a strong work ethic, Frank was able to gain employment and keep his wife and daughter protected, fed, and safe despite not knowing our culture, or even our language. In September, when we were fortunate enough to come into their lives, we started working on preparing Frank and his family for their first home of their own in our county. No longer will they have to surf couches or wonder if they have a place to sleep the next night.

With so much still ahead of them we don’t want them to feel overwhelmed and unable to enjoy and be thankful for all they have accomplished going into the Holiday season.

"I've never seen a man so proud to be able to pay his own bills for his family." Jesse, FPMC case manager

Family Promise will continue to work with the family through our "Post-Shelter Stabilization" program, which helps families remain housed. These structured graduate programs provide continued support and reduce the risk of a family’s re-entry into homelessness.

With the help of everyone’s donations Frank and Eloisa will be able to start planning their next steps and focus on their futures rather than surviving day by day. Thank you to all the volunteers that have supported Frank, Eloisa and Francella in our shelter program! They were surrounded with love and treated with respect, we are so grateful!

If you would like to help Frank, Eloisa and Francella get settled into their new apartment please check out their list of items needed below. We are thankful for donations already received! Contact Jesse at or 608-487-2745 for donation drop off details and any questions!

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