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Charity Drive
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Thank you for being willing to help us reach those who are experiencing homelessness in our county. Subscribe to our volunteer email list to get notified when volunteer opportunities come up! You will recieve volunteer opportunites from the email Then, please watch the introduction and all five training videos below!

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Below is several volunteer opportunities with Family Promise and descriptions of the responsibilities. These volunteer opportunities are not a commitment to a certain date or time, just a way for us to gather those who might be interested in being contacted when we have a need! 


Transportation Team Volunteer: Members who volunteer for the transportation team will be scheduled to drive our 15 passenger van when needed to transport families between the day center and host church, work, appointments and assist in delivering our beds on Sunday's to the host church. 


Office Volunteer: Members who volunteer to be part of our office team will be scheduled to join us at our Day Center to fill holes when staff members cannot be present and may be asked to do light cleaning or administrative work if willing and able. Volunteers may volunteer a couple of hours, every few weeks, anytime between 5:30am - 4:30pm depending on their availability.


Family Promise Evening - Night Volunteer: Members who volunteer as a general volunteer may be contacted by the Family Promise Director to help at one of our host churches. This could be volunteering to spend a couple of hours in the evening at the host church with the family, providing a meal and/or spending the night at the host church. These members are crucial to help out the smaller host churches in the area!


Development Committee: Members who volunteer to be on the Development Committee will be involved in monthly meetings to organize fundraisers, help with donor relations, write grants, etc.


This will give you an idea of what volunteering with us will look like.

Module 1

Who are you preparing to welcome?

Module 2


Module 3

Dinner: Setting the Table for Success

Module 4

Parenting Perspectives: Raising Awareness, Creating Balance

Module 5

Boundaries Build Beautiful Experience

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